2017 Wish List for the Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Supplies Need at BIRHCLifepakOne of the items on our Wish List is a replacement for our LifePak, a cardiac monitor and defibrillator. Our current LifePak is an older model in use for many years. A new one costs about $30,000. You can view a list of wishes below. Any size of donation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Contact Info

Donna Kubic, Managing Director
Beaver Island Rural Health Center
37304 Kings Highway
Beaver Island , MI 49782
Phone: (231) 448-2275
Fax: (231) 448-2348
For Emergency/Ambulance, dial 911

2017 Wish List       
Portable oxygen Concentrator$2800
Lifepack 15 $30000
Chairs (6) for desks$2000
Colored printer $800
2 nebulizers$200
Wheelchair with leg rests (2) one oversize$2000
Crash Cart$2500
Slit lamp for eye doctors$3000
Electronic Medical Records$15000
Suturing instruments$15000
Laptops future Electronic Medical Records (3)$1600
I Pads telemedicine (3)$1700
Portable pulse ox$200
Cassettes for digital x ray 8 x 10 (2)$1000
Cassettes for digital x ray 14 x 17 (2)$1700
Wall thermometers (2)$200
Blankets twin size washable heavy weight$300
C Pap Machine$500