Welcome to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, located on Beaver Island, Michigan.

Career Opportunity Nurse Practitioner

A wonderful and unique opportunity to live, work and relax on beautiful Beaver Island in Northern Michigan. Located near Petoskey and Traverse City, with air (daily) and ferry (seasonal) service to and from Charlevoix. Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the Mid West. Apply soon; this great opportunity may not last long.

Dental Services Update

September 29, 2019

Dental Services will begin services again on the Island October 25 and October 26 which is a Friday and Saturday. They will start with hygienic services only and then expand when they have a Dentist on board again. Erika has selected a candidate for the Dentist’s position and has made an offer so hopefully she will have good luck there as well.

She did caution me that they already have over 70 patients signed up from the Island and they will reach out to these people first in getting their new appointments set up. Any new patients not already registered should feel free to call in, get registered, and then set up their appointments with the Clinic.

Tammy Radionoff, Managing Director
Beaver Island Rural Health Center
37304 Kings Highway
Beaver Island , MI 49782
Phone: (231) 448-2275
Fax: (231) 448-2348
For Emergency/Ambulance, dial 911

An inside look into being a health care provider on Beaver Island, by Dr John Martin

As many of you know I started seeing orthopedic patients as a volunteer starting back in 2014. When one of our two nurse practitioners left in October of 2017 the clinic was left in a bit of a bind as clearly one NP could not cover the clinic 24/7. I offered to help until the clinic could hire a full time replacement NP but of course as an Orthopedic Surgeon there would be limits to my involvement given I was not a primary care doctor. Although I have some training as a primary care physician (I am a certified USAF Flight Surgeon) I would never pretend to have the knowledge of say a Board Certified Family Practitioner. So after discussing the options with the BIRHC Board of Directors I renewed my ACLS certification and worked hard to update my primary care knowledge base and “filled in” to relieve the one remaining NP.

This is where life on the island takes form. In my naivete I kind of assumed we would have a replacement within a couple months. Well, finally, a year later we now have one! In retrospect this delay was of course predictable. When one thinks about the recruitment logistics it becomes clear this would be no easy task. First the new NP has to be someone willing to move full-time to the island. Because of the 24/7 coverage commuting to the mainland is not feasible. Second, the person must be willing to work for below market salary given the limited budget of the clinic. Also this new NP must be ACLS certified, capable of adult and pediatric care, and be willing to come in unpaid when conditions dictate “all hands on deck” situations. The good news is when one does find such a person they tend to be dedicated and compassionate toward their work.

Thanks Denny Cook

After nine years of active service Denny Cook recently decided not to accept a fourth term as a BIRHC Board member. I am writing to thank Denny and make the community aware of his contributions to the Health Center.

Over those nine years, Denny did an excellent job of being both a loyal team player and a strong leader. As a trustee he had excellent meeting attendance and always respected the opinions of the rest of the board. He volunteered for two important committees and pulled his weight on both of them. In his two years as President he ran an efficient meeting and supported our staff. He always had the courage to speak out for whatever he honestly felt was in the best interests of our organization.

Denny deserves special appreciation for serving because he did so despite ongoing medical issues. Despite these issues, Denny always responded promptly, within hours, by email or phone when his input was needed. He was truly engaged for all the right reasons.

The contributions Denny has made to the Health Center that stick out in my mind are:

  • Coming up with the idea of an early bird raffle drawing;
  • Taking the lead in getting the grant for, purchasing and supervising the installation of our emergency generator and its fence;
  • Forming a relationship with Gregg Williams which resulted in the Health Center being designated a regional emergency operations center;
  • Many hours spent persuading VA officials to consider providing more VA health services on Beaver Island;
  • Serving as board -staff liaison;
  • Serving on the building maintenance committee during years when major repairs had to be supervised.

I am sure I am missing other contributions. ( Oh yes, there was the time that he climbed on the Health Center’s leaky, icy roof to personally help chop off an ice dam.) Thank you, Denny, for being a model board. Your fellow board members and the staff of the Health Center will miss knowledge, common sense, and genuine concern.


For Your Medical Needs
We are open Monday thru Friday by appointment, with 24 hour urgent care available.

You can call 231-448-2275 to set up an appointment or for more information.

Flu Shots available – call 448-2275 for an appointment

What do I do if I have a medical emergency on Beaver Island?

If the emergency is life threatening, call 911. Remember to stay on the line, as there will be up to a 30 second delay. DO NOT HANG UP. If a 911 call is placed, EMS will respond to the scene. Depending on the situation, the patient will either be brought to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center via ambulance to be treated by the care provider on call or arrangements will be made to have the patient flown to one of the local hospitals.

If the need is urgent but not life threatening, call the Health Center at 448-2275.

The Health Center is open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday (Closed 12-1 PM for lunch). Urgent patients can be seen immediately during regular hours. If you call the Health Center when it is closed your call will be automatically forwarded to the cell phone of one of our two care providers. They are on call 24 hours a day and can meet you at the clinic within 20 minutes. After evaluation by the care providers, the patient will be treated at the clinic and released, the patient will be instructed to go to the ER on his own or EMS will be notified to evacuate the patient to the appropriate hospital.

For directions or map to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, go here.

2018- 2023 Strategic Plan Available Online

Strategic Plan 2018 -23View or Download the Plan

BIRHC 2018 Community Update

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Do you have high blood pressure?

There’s only one way to know, and that is to have it checked!

Stop by the Beaver Island Rural Health Center for a free blood pressure check.
High blood pressure adds to your heart’s workload and can damage your arteries and organs over time, according to the American Heart Association. People with high blood pressure are more likely to have a stroke, more likely to develop congestive heart failure and more likely to develop coronary heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack.

High blood pressure has no symptoms, which is why it is called the “silent killer.” High blood pressure can usually be controlled by diet, more exercise and medication.

While you are at the Health Center, check on other diagnostic tests that are available to residents of the Island. Women who are ages 40 through 64 may qualify for free mammograms and Pap tests.

The BIRHC mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost health care to all on the island, regardless of ability to pay. Contact Managing Director Donna Kubic at 448-2275 for more information about our sliding fee scale. Depending on your income and family size, you may qualify for a discount of up to 75% on services provided at the Health Center.

Remember, call us at 448-2275 for a free blood pressure check.