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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

Total Patients Tested Patients Tested Positive Patients Tested Negative Patients Test Results Pending Patients Test Positive & Hospitalized Patients Deceased
410 31 379 0 0 0
*Six of the positive cases occurred prior to November 1, 2020. Total tests have been updated to include Rapid tests conducted at the BIRHC. For more info click below **mobile users best viewed in horizontal mode for complete chart


Beaver Island Public Statement regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Last Updated: April 9, 2021

“Protect (Vaccinate)Yourself, Protect the Island”

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic on Island April 13

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan has asked us to get the
following information to Beaver Island Residents:

“Hello everyone!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us fill the clinic planned for Tuesday. We have reached out to everyone who pre-registered and still have openings. Below is the link and the information – if you are able to assist friends, family and community members to schedule we would really appreciate your help! Please let us know if you have questions about how you can help someone to get scheduled! Thank you so very much!”


Beaver Island Community School
37895 Kings Hwy
Beaver Island, MI 49782
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Please click on this link https://ph-northwestmi.as.me/beaverislandsch369bkw4k6h to schedule your appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email. Please use the link in your confirmation email to change/cancel your appointment if needed. COVID-19 vaccination appointments available for anyone 16 and older!


Island seniors who need assistance with filling out the survey, contact Lonnie Allen at 448-2124 or allenl@charlevoixcounty.org Lonnie Allen is the Council on Aging site Coordinator for Beaver Island.


Link to Health Department of Northwest Michigan: http://www.nwhealth.org/covid19.html This site has useful up to date information and resources. This site is updated daily.


COVID 19 Remains a Serious Disease that can Lead to Other Health Problems
If you are sick, have been around someone who has tested positive, or are awaiting Covid-19 test results yourself, do not travel to Beaver Island. If you are already on Beaver Island when these situations arise, take every precaution to quarantine yourself from others and contact health officials.


These are Still the best Guidelines for Limiting the Spread of the Virus:


• Get Vaccinated.
• Limit your interaction with others as much as possible.
• Wear a Mask.
• Respect Social Distancing and Avoid large Gatherings.
• Wash your Hands.
• Monitor your Health. Pay attention for COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath.


Prepared on behalf of Doug Tilly, Peaine Township Supervisor and Kathleen McNamara, St James Township Supervisor


(06-April-2021) The Beaver Island Rural Health Center ("BIRHC") will receive sealed bids for the renovation (cleaning and staining) of the building's cedar sidewall shingles and trim, as well as minor repairs as needed. The following approximate work applies:

  • Cedar Stain Application (including Cedar Exterior Cleaning and Restoration & Cleanup), Lump Sum, as shown on provided building plans;
  • An Alternate Bid Item for Cedar Shingle & Trim Repair to areas of shingle that may be in need of repair, per square foot of loose or damaged wood, as determined by the Owner; and
  • Miscellaneous related items of work.


This project is funded wholly with BIRHC Maintenance Funds.


A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at BIRHC at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Prospective bidders are required to attend and participate in the conference.


The stain outlined in these documents has been chosen for its color, quality, and performance. BIRHC will review alternate stains proposed by Bidder(s) with similar color and performance criteria. Alternate proposed products must be submitted, along with all technical data, no later than the mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting,


Bids will be received at the office of the Managing Director, 37304 King's Highway, Beaver Island, Michigan, 49782, until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read. Bid opening will be subject to COVID-19 MDHHS mandates. Any changes impacting the bid opening will be posted on the BIRHC website.

This Advertisement and the Proposal & Specifications have been posted in the following locations:

  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center web site: http://www.biruralhealth.org
  • James Township - Governmental Center
  • Peaine Township Hall


Contract Documents may be examined at BIRHC at the address listed above. Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained via email (*.pdf) by request from the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Managing Director, Tammy Radionoff, at email address Tammy@BIRuralHealth.org, at no cost to the Bidder. Contact BIRHC at 231-448-2275 if you require a hard copy, at a cost of $10.00 if picked up, or $20.00 if shipped.


Tammy Radionoff, Managing Director

Beaver Island Rural Health Center: Cedar Siding Renovation Project 04-Jan-2021

Contract Documents in pdf format Here

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OUR MISSION: To provide high-quality, cost effective patient treatment and wellness services and to serve as a primary care facility to the Beaver Island community.

OUR VALUES: The Beaver Island Rural Health Center (BIRHC)

  • Believes that access to high quality-healthcare is a basic community need, regardless of a person’s ability to pay.
  • Adheres to practices that promote financial integrity and accountability.
  • Provides services with care, respect, and sensitivity for patient's needs and seeks always to have the patient’s trust.
  • Is dedicated to and complies with medical best practices
  • Reflects in its board membership the Island’s diverse community

OUR VISION for 2020:  BIRHC accommodates expanding demand for medical services, including accredited emergency care, community education programs, prevention and wellness activities.  The Center is staffed by a team of family practice physicians, nurse practitioners, and technicians who provide primary care to most year round and seasonal residents.  Basic financial stability is secured by reliable local funding, growing state and federal funding, and community contributions and income from the Center’s endowment. The Center is highly networked with other Northern Michigan medical organizations --collaborating and sharing resources.  BIRHC professional administrative staff works in partnership with a dedicated Board and community leaders to make sure programs and services are aligned with community needs and resources.

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